DOC - Nelle tue mani - Season 1 Episode 7

Dr Andrea Fanti, one of the most brilliant there ever were, forgets who he is.

Episode: 7/16 eps

Duration: N/A

Quality: HD

Release: 2020

IMDb: 6.7

Season 1 - DOC - Nelle tue mani
26 Mar 2020
"Andrea Fanti, a brilliant Head of Internal Medicine, has his life turned upside down following an accident. He survives, but loses his memory of the last twelve years of his life. When he wakes up, he struggles to remember his life."
26 Mar 2020
"Andrea is hospitalized in the Internal Medicine ward, hoping that the place most familiar to him will help him recover his memory. Giulia oversees his rehabilitation but finds herself dealing with a different man to the one she knew."
02 Apr 2020
"Andrea returns to the ward as an assistant to the trainees, who were terrified of him just a few weeks earlier. While he tries to win back his ex-wife, his collaboration with Giulia on a case proves to be challenging and full of surp"
02 Apr 2020
"The arrival of a special patient intensifies the competition between the interns. Meanwhile, Andrea involves the ward in the search for his email account password, which could help him reconstruct a key part of his past."
09 Apr 2020
"Giulia brings Andrea back to the ward for a patient who has asked to be exclusively examined by him and who does not know about his current condition. An error caused by his amnesia puts all the trainees under pressure."
09 Apr 2020
"A special episode set ten years earlier. Andrea has an opportunity to make a career jump but it's hard to keep everything together: suddenly finding himself involved in a rivalry with a colleague, he risks losing sight of who he really is."
16 Apr 2020
"Carolina, suffering from a mysterious illness, is admitted to the hospital, triggering a series of conflicts between her parents that they will have to overcome for her. Meanwhile a flashy influencer attracts the young trainees' attention."
16 Apr 2020
"In an attempt to return to his role as a father and to help Carolina recover from her illness, Andrea starts to pursue Agnese again. Elisa and Riccardo have to deal with an aspiring astronaut and Gabriel with a bad headache."
15 Oct 2020
"Andrea is confident that he has finally won over Agnese and try to organize a wedding in the ward for a patient in critical condition. Gabriel makes an unexpected proposal that upsets the balance within the group of interns."
15 Oct 2020
"A patient sheds light on a secret about Lorenzo's private life that causes a stir throughout the ward. Gabriel and Elisa must attempt to reconstruct the life of an elderly inpatient who appears not to remember anything about himself."
22 Oct 2020
"After finding the medical file on the patient who died because of a mistake Andrea tries to reconstruct what happened before the shooting. Alba and Riccardo struggle for their relationship; things get complicated between Gabriel and Elisa."
22 Oct 2020
"A train accident turns the Internal Medicine ward into an improvised emergency room. All the doctors are required to do their best to deal with the emergency. A girl reopens an important chapter in Riccardo's past."
29 Oct 2020
"The arrival of Elisa's older sister in the hospital makes the young trainee more surly and bad-tempered. Andrea continues to investigates on his memories, while Agnese cannot mask her jealousy over the growing relationship with Giulia."
05 Nov 2020
"Lorenzo has issues again with his ex-girlfriend Chiara. Marco and his wife feel increasingly threatened by the research on Satonal by Andrea. Meanwhile, Gabriel has to explain to his community that he intends to settle in Italy."
12 Nov 2020
"Andrea finds himself in trouble for the accuses of falsifying data from a pharmaceutical trial: unable to defend himself due to his amnesia, he seeks confirmation from people close to him. Agnese has a sudden illness."
19 Nov 2020
"Agnese's condition rapidly deteriorates and Andrea receives the support of the whole ward to discover what's happening. The accusations against him about the falsification of data on pharmaceutical trials jeopardize his career."